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self-care for caregivers

We teach radical self-care for the no-limit caregiver to beat burnout.

We help "n.i.c.e" people like you make space for living within your 24-hour caregiving.

Who are N.I.C.E people?
Nuturing Individuals Caring Everyday

This is your place to learn how to...
- have time for meaningful relationships while you work in healthcare.
- pursue your passions while you care for your aging parent.
- start your dream business while you raise great kids.
- explore your creativity while you support your spouse with a chronic condition.
- and so much more to support you!

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our philosophy

You may wonder about our name, A Tailored Life 4 Caregivers. Just as a tailor works with fabrics to create the perfect fit, a caregiver can tailor routines and self-care to fit their daily needs.

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How Do I...

authentically and fully

live life authentically and to the fullest?

we can help you

fulfilled relationships

have fulfilling relationships?

we can help you

nourishing the body

nourish my body the right way?

we can help you

inner self

stay connected with my inner self and beliefs?

we can help you


find happiness?

we can help you

I’m interested in…


Learn more about self-care and how to avoid burnout and decision fatigue. Discover ways you can protect your happiness in this hectic world across the five aspects of well-being.

Learn More!


Come together with other caregivers as a community to share information, inspiration, and support for self-care on #Slack. When you share the load, you lighten the load.



Find out more about A Tailored Life Coaching's self-care courses, trainings, and other offerings for caregivers. Self-study is a way to grow at your own pace and schedule.


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